The Unsettling Truth You Should Know Before Booking A Bathroom Trailer In BC

The Unsettling Truth You Should Know Before Booking A Bathroom Trailer In BC

Imagine this: your big day is finally here! You've planned the perfect outdoor wedding. The sun is out, the flowers have arrived, and the lighting and tents are all set up. Everything is beautiful—this is sure to be the happiest day of your life.

But wait! There are no restrooms! The bathroom trailers have not shown up! Oh—here they are! You smell them before you see them as they come around the corner.


The pictures looked so nice! Everything seemed shiny, with under-cabinet lighting and a Bluetooth sound system. And they were $200 cheaper than the five-star rated company you had contacted earlier. Then reality hits: the steps hang by loose bolts on cheap hinges, looking to claim the ankles of your guests. The rotten plywood under the thin linoleum, the sharp edges on the doorway, and the foul odor that sends men, women, and children running for the bushes.

Unfortunately, this is far too often a true story for people on their wedding days.  In the British Columbia there is a very broad spectrum in quality of service and equipment in the bathroom trailer industry. 

While a quality bathroom trailer that is properly serviced by a company with the proper equipment and knowledge can elevate the comfort and cleanliness of your event 1000-fold, not every provider will meet your expectations. In recent years, the B.C. bathroom trailer market has been saturated with low quality units that are purchased overseas at a very low cost. The units often have safety and functionality issue and in many cases, the operators do not have the correct equipment and resources to properly maintain, clean and treat these units.

At NighCo, we take pride in having some of the highest quality bathroom trailers available. Not only that, but extra care and consideration is taken to make sure that our units are expertly maintained, cleaned and treated.  When it comes to service, you can always expect excellent communication the whole way through. Your facilities will be delivered on-time, clean stocked, smelling great and ready-to-go every time.


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